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  • We provide you with all the tools needed to equip your teachers to teach and test through our state of the art LMS (Learning Managment System).

Our track record speaks for itself

MSi understands the challenges that career and technical education teachers face in the classroom. Balancing industry certification exam objectives while addressing DOE frameworks, not to mention end of course exams. Then, as soon as you have it just right, the exam objectives change with the new software releases from the vendor. MSi has the perfect solution, our program was designed by educators for educators. We crosswalk the DOE frameworks with the industry certification exam objectives. Then we work with our subject matter experts to produce curriculum and textbooks that are easily relate-able to high school students, while not reducing the level of information that is required to prepare for the certification exam. The program is delivered virtually through our state of the art (LMS) Learning Management System. We provide comprehensive training to ensure that the teacher is fully equipped to deliver the course. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration. 1

Contacting MSI

Contact us to schedule a demonstration of our courseware and Learning Managment System.

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